What is an itchy cat to do?

Just like humans and dogs, cats can have allergies too! If your cat has an allergy, it is usually to flea saliva or pollen, but can be other things as well. If your cat has allergies it is usually pretty obvious. Call your vet if your kitten or cat are exhibiting any of the following symptoms…

  • excessive scratching
  • hair loss
  • scabs
  • open sores
  • itchy or red ears

Some things you can do to help  your cat’s symptoms are to remove shoes at the door so pollen is not tracked in the house, keep your cat inside when the pollen count is high, maintain monthly flea treatment, and comb your kitten or cat’s fur frequently. You can even up their Omega-3 intake a little with salmon, sardines or any other coldwater fish. This will help keep their skin healthy and infections down!

Whatever you do, call your vet if you think your kitten or cat may have an allergy. It is never a good idea to give your pet medication until the veterinarian has made a diagnosis and recommendation! Give Dr. Molly a call today to schedule an appointment.

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