Animal Care Clinic and Royal Canin

We have great news!  We are pleased to inform you of the nutritional improvements available for your pet! As the world leader in Health Nutrition for dogs and cats, Royal Canin offers the best, most comprehensive line of therapeutic solutions in the industry.  In collaboration with Animal Care Clinic and Royal Canin, we are happy to […]

Aging Gracefully Part 3

How do you treat your aging dog? Have you changed the way you interact with him or her? The key to dealing with an aging dog is not to treat him with kid gloves. Your dog is not aware that he is aging and can become anxious over the change in your relationship. Older dogs […]

Motion Sickness

You finally get your own car sickness under control and you figure out  your pet has it too… Yes, it is real, your pets can get motion sickness.  With warmer weather in full swing and driving trips on the horizon, there are some signs to watch for while travelling with your dog or cat. Dog […]

Aging Gracefully Part 2

Aging dogs are uncannily similar to aging people. Dogs can show signs of dementia, vision loss, arthritis and have difficulty regulating their temperatures, among other things. Senior dogs are very susceptible to dehydration and should not be left outside for a long period of time in the heat. The best thing you can do for […]

Are you an animal lover with allergies?

People can be allergic to any warm blooded pets, fur or feather. More people are allergic to cats than dogs. Animal dander, saliva, and urine are what causes allergies. So even though some dog breeds and hairless cat breeds may taut themselves as being hypo-allergenic, they are not 100% allergen free. Yes, your symptoms may […]

What is an itchy cat to do?

Just like humans and dogs, cats can have allergies too! If your cat has an allergy, it is usually to flea saliva or pollen, but can be other things as well. If your cat has allergies it is usually pretty obvious. Call your vet if your kitten or cat are exhibiting any of the following […]

Dogs can have allergies too!

Allergy season is not just for humans! Did you know your dog might have allergies? Over 20% of dogs in the United States suffer from allergies. Sometimes, as animal owners, we may overlook the symptoms because they are not the same as ours. Humans generally sneeze and have itchy watery eyes, here are some signs […]

It’s a Dog Eat Dog World

As overall knowledge and medicine progresses for humans, it is the same for our dogs. The more informed we are as owners, the more we can help our dogs age gracefully. What is old? Many of us have no idea when our dogs start to age. It varies on a dog by dog basis, but […]

ACC Dental Care

Do your pets have doggy breath? Would you ever go through an entire day without brushing your teeth?  In case you didn’t know, your pet has dental needs too! According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, more than 70% of dogs and cats will develop gum disease by three years of age.  Maintaining your pet’s […]