Dental Radiography

The Animal Care Clinic continuously strives to provide excellent care and improve our service to the Oxford community. Thus, we have recently acquired a dental x-ray unit.

“Dental radiographs provide practitioners with a tremendous amount of information. The most important thing you can do to increase the quality of dental care in your practice is to use dental radiography when evaluating patients presented for routine dental care or dental problems. In addition, the AAHA Dental Care Guidelines for Dogs and Cats state that preoperative and postoperative dental radiographs are mandated for all extractions. Furthermore, standard radiographic views of the skull are inadequate, and full-mouth dental radiographs are an essential step in dental cleaning and are necessary for accurate oral evaluation and diagnosis.”  Brook A. Neimiec DVM, DAVDC, FAVD

This level of information allows for more precise dental procedures that will further improve the benefits of dental treatments. These benefits include healthy, pain-free mouths, but also have far reaching effects that benefit all of the other organs of the body. – See more at: